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1 to 1.5 hour deep, comfortable pressure thorough full-body massage on table. In your room or on the deck. I bring tables, linens, music, aromatherapeutic lotions and oils.

Housecalls made to coastal areas. I travel to:
· Rockport/Fulton
· Corpus Christi
· Padre Isles

Chair Massage Available for parties, meetings, and gatherings.

· Neck, head, back, shoulders, arms & hands.
· 10-20 minutes recommended.
· $1/minute + house call fee $20

chair massage

Body Calm Mind Peace
Eliza Large TX RMT2298 since 1986
CO Licensed since 2009
elizaporta(at)hotmail.com 361-960-9797

My intention for your relaxing rejuvenating massage is for deep relaxation. Going through the physical body with firm, comfortably pressured, thorough from head to toes, deep tissue massage, the body relaxes and the mind calms, achieving a deep state of relaxation of meditative quality. In this state, our body is freed to heal from its own inner wisdom. We heal when our mind quiets and listens to what the body needs.

Spring and Fall~Eliza available in Texas. Summers in Colorado
$95/hr, $120/90 minutes (fee includes travel and setup at your site)


Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

75-90 minutes $105-120

Ashi-Foot Atsu-Pressure

Ashiatsu is done on a padded massage table as in traditional Swedish massage. The table is wider, allowing me to step alongside the body, along the edges of the table, using side and overhead bars for support. My feet and legs deliver the pressure and strokes instead of my hands and arms as in traditional massage.

The compression movements along the spine and lumbar region can relieve muscle spasm and opens the foramen spaces around vertebrae giving the nerves more space. And like all massage, freshly oxygenated blood flushes through the treated areas enhancing elongation of shortened, contracted muscles and flushes the lymphatic system of wastes. It feels especially wonderful in the lumbar, low back, area.

Ashiatsu is added to the session when appropriate for the client. The foot, being larger, delivers a larger area of pressure and conforms over a variety of contours of the body in one stroke. The pressure feels firmer, (not necessarily deeper!), due to the larger breadth of the foot. The foot, compared to the hand has quite a few more knobbies on it for a variety of pressure and strokes on different parts of your body! For my size as a therapist, I can easily achieve the desired amount of pressure especially on larger bodies, denser musculature and problem areas. I use support bars around the table for balance and to adjust weight of applied pressure.

Ashiatsu combines easily with stretches (from Thai massage technique), that are added, as called for during your session.




Thai Massage

$135 2 hours

Also called "Lazy Man's Yoga". This is like having yoga done to you. Thai is done on a padded mat on the floor through loose fitting, light weight clothes. Client is lovingly pummeled with hand and foot pressure along meridian energy lines of the body. Pressure is applied comfortably into your particular areas of congested trigger points, adhesions in tendons around joints and along muscles. Hips and back, arms, hands and feet are stretched. You feel like Gumby when finished!


yoga lazy yoga





Rotator Cuff Treatment

60 minute session addressing the compromised shoulder, releasing "trigger points", where congestion has settled in tendons of the 5 "cuff" muscles. Range of motion will improve considerably with one session as adhesions are cleared.

Do This BEFORE surgery or Physical Therapy. (You must release the adhesions before trying to strengthen or exercise the muscles.

Contact Eliza Large at Port Aransas Massage
361-960-9797 or email: elizaporta(at)Hotmail.com
Texas RMT 2298, CO MT, Certified Watsu Therapist


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